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What is Aesthetics? Care for Your Skin with
Hair Removal, Waxing and Other Services 

Interesting Fact:  Some form of hair removal has existed in every culture throughout history, with aesthetics techniques ranging from shaving and plucking to modern electrolysis and laser care techniques.

Interesting Fact: People who recieve waxing services regularly claim their skin feels softer and smoother due to slower regrowth.

What is aesthetics?

Aesthetics is a career path that has to deal with the principles of beauty services.  Aestheticians often deal with skin, nail care and hair removal.  Facials, massage, and waxing are often learned by individuals entering the field.  A large variety of different products exist, making it difficult to know which ones will work effectively.  Estheticians work with individuals to find products that will work well with their needs and skin type, in addition to a variety of other services like waxing and using products to rejuvinate the face.  

How do you protect your skin from damage?

Within aesthetics there are a variety of different ways to protect & care for your hair & body and different things you need to protect it from.  Weather can wreak havoc on your epidermis.  Protecting your skin from the sun and preventing sunburns can be done by using a moisturizer containing an SPF.  During the winter months, fingers and hands can be dry and crack.  Finding a high quality moisturizer is vital care for keeping your hands soft and smooth.  Face cleaners often help to prevent acne and facilitate dirt and oil removal. Waxing services have also been shown to soften the body over time.

What is the best painless hair removal?  

There are a wide variety of different aesthetics services for removing everything from eyebrows to whiskers.  Shaving is probably the most painless way, but it grows back quickly and can often times irritate the skin.   Waxing is often a popular choice for hair removal as it lasts longer than shaving and is relatively fast.  Laser hair removal services are often the best choice, though it takes a series of different care sessions.  The smooth area generally lasts the longest though and waxing maintenance is much easier than consistent shaving.  

Why use skin care products?

Skincare and esthetics products are great for a variety of different reasons.  They can help in the removal of oils from the body or moisturize it when it becomes dry.  Acne can often be something that causes many individuals to feel self conscious but it can be treated with effective skin care products that work well with your body.  If waxing services aren't your thing body hair can also be treated and groomed better with these products. Sunscreen can help prevent burns and is often included in different moisturizers.  Smell can also be factored into the benefits of skin care products, most of which leave a pleasant scent.  

Is hair removal permanent?

The type of esthetics care recieved can be a major factor into the length that the results last, waxing, shaving, and laser procedures all vary greatly.  Shaving will generally result in the hair growing back immediately, with a darker appearance due to being cut rather than removed at the follicle. (The myth that we grow more after shaving is just that, a myth).  Waxing services are much more effective, though it will still grow back in, usually being visible after a week or two.  Laser removal is longer-lasting and very effective, but has some limitations based on the color of the fibers and darkness of skin needing care.  The most permanent option is electrolysis services, where follicles are stimulated with electricity to stop them from growing.  Many see waxing, laser, and electrolysis as great hair removal investments due to their increased longevity.  

Are organic hair & skin care products better?

This all depends on the severity of the problem.  Organic care products can work well in some situations and processed products can also be effective, without being harmful.  All of the products at Aesthetics Plus of Bountiful, Utah are tried and tested to provide effective and safe results for skincare and hair removal.  The products created at our headquarters cater to the individual needs of different skin types and issues faced by estheticians performing waxing, facial rejuvenation and other services.