Lira Clinical

Lira maps simple, yet effective protocols with customized treatment results. We create fusion between nature and science through our elite stem cell technology, commanding peptides, and potent antioxidants needed for enlightened skin benefits.



It's not just about what we remove…
It’s about what we leave behind…
Healthy skin!

Cirepil by Perron Rigot waxing system is a premier skin care service, a true beauty treatment. We believe just as in skin care, every depilation service should consider your clients skin type and offer a complete range for individual customization. In an assortment of non-strip and strip formulations, consistencies, fragrances, with or without beeswax and rosin, the Perron Rigot family of waxes allow you to adapt and tailor each service for hair removal  treatments your clients are sure to LOVE. To ensure the highest level of integrity with each depilatory treatment, we suggest using a combination of waxes chosen for thier unique properties because Depilation is Skin Care!