Welcome to Aesthetics Plus of Bountiful, Utah and Idaho. A company dedicated to supporting aestheticians through advanced training, updated information, and by being a premier supplier of beauty and skincare products such as Lira Clinical!


A Leader in Skincare Supplies

Aesthetics Plus of Bountiful, Utah and Idaho has been a leader in supplying beauty and skincare supplies, like our featured products from Lira Clinical. We are a full service supplier for aestheticians, we also provide advanced training beyond what is required for licensing. With over sixteen years of experience our expert team has the knowledge to help with any skincare, waxing, injections or other general esthetics questions you may have.

Check out our full line up of advanced products featuring Lira Clinical, Cirepil Wax, and more. As a leading beauty care supplier Aesthetics Plus local representatives will be able to service you on a local level, not from across the country. Our education and training facilities are also available for aestheticians to learn and teach others about skincare industry techniques and trends. At Aesthetics Plus, our members have confidence that they are part of the next generation of supplies and services! As a leading industry supplier of Lira Clinical products we keep our customers up to date on with advanced training on new breakthrough beauty supplies and advanced cutting-edge technology and services.

Advanced Asthetics Training

By partnering with Aesthetics Plus, Aestheticians recieve full access to our advanced beauty training programs. Our state of the art supplier facilities allow licensed prefessionals to attend the latest courses surrounding skincare, waxing, and other techniques and supplies. We offer classes revolving around advanced peels, waxing, micro-needle, Lira Clinical Smart Systems, and event make-up. We also provide periodic events where members are able to network and communicate with other local aestheticians while training on new products and techniques. As a supplier of Lira Clinical beauty care supplies we also provide education on the latest and greatest industry trends and technology.

Local Product Supplier

Aesthetics Plus is pleased to feature supplies for aestheticians from Lira Clinical, Cirepil, Refectocil and more as part of our full line up of beauty and skincare products. No matter where you are located throughout Utah and Idaho, you can rest assured that one of our local sales representative will be able to meet all of your business needs. As a full skincare and beauty product supplier we maintain a large inventory of supplies ready to be shipped straight to you. Aestheticians love our Lira Clinical product line up and with our advanced training facilities in Bountiful you can stay up to date on the latest supplies and skincare techniques!

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Benefits of Aesthetics

Advanced waxing and injections both fall under the category of beauty, but what does that mean anyway? Learn how Idaho aestheticians rejuvenate the face here.

Aesthetician Training

Our contiuned education facilities provide an opportunity for licensed professionals to learn more about industry supplies and network with other local businesses. Read More

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